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Would you like to play a game of football with friends, colleagues and family? Foot Town offers 15 different football challenge games at its indoor football pitches in Dubai. We have indoor football facilities to accommodate any sport related party or corporate events. FootTown is your ultimate indoor football experience in Dubai. We regularly organize tournaments, challenges and events for you. We have the best football coaching in dubai.Get your team together, or join us as an individual, and enjoy a fun filled day of great football.

The Wall

Designed to test your shot, and pass accuracy. It will measure how fast and how many times you can hit the lighted square

Robo Goalie

Many elite players tried to beat the RoboGoalie and they failed. With an integrated AI system it is close to impossible to beat it. Are you up to the challenge?

Speed Goal

Precision. Speed. Thrills, The action in this game is about as fast as it gets! Precision and speed are what counts. 2 vs. 2 and the team with the fewest balls in its own half wins

Soccer Tennis

At FootTown, we're all about bringing people together in the name of fun. So we know you're going to love Soccer Tennis, a sport combining elements of soccer, tennis, volleyball and squash! If you love the game of soccer but wish it were just a little bit faster, then you'll want to check out Soccer Tennis.

Precision Tunnel

Who doesn’t like to play; the Precision Tunnel? Precision Tunnel will test your shooting skills to the max

Hit the Car

The Porsche car was made to be driven, but in Foot Town it became part of the Fun

Power Shot

Run, kick and shoot as strong as you can

Hole in the Goal

It is a game where you try to kick the ball into a hole in the wall located behind the goalie. This game requires good aim and precision kicking skills.

Connect 4

This is a classic game that will test your ability to think strategically and quickly connect 4 dots in order to win

Football Pitch

Challenge your friend for a 5x5 side football game


The Ramp Challenge is a football game that has already gained a lot of fans in the past years. Play the RAMP and make your way to the top of the leaderboard.


Pyramid is a challenge that requires technique and good aim. This challenge looks simple but is a hard Pyramid to climb.

The Cage

Who doesn’t like to play 'The Cage'? Foottown’s exquisite cage will double the likeliness of this game.

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